Can you tell me about the Dark Web?

Question: Can you tell me about the Dark Web?

Answer: The Dark web refers to areas of the internet not reachable by search engines accessible by standard internet browsers. Sites on the dark web as often used for activities like hacking, password and account information sharing, data breaches or other suspicious activity.

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What is monitored?

The primary email address on your CreditBuilder account is eligible for complimentary monitoring. You can also monitor additional business email addresses.

  • CreditMonitor US: 1 additional business email
  • CreditBuilder: 2 additional business emails
  • CreditBuilder Plus: 3 additional business emails
  • CreditBuilder Premium: 5 additional business emails

How do I turn On/Off the monitoring?

  • On the menu bar click Alerts
  • Then click Dark Web Notification
  • Select On / Off

What do the Alert Levels mean:
there are 3 alert risk levels; Low, Medium and High.

Low; Indicates minimal immediate danger.  This activity could be harmless or enable more dangerous activity, such as phishing email

Medium; Indicates a moderate amount of danger and should be examined closely to determine what action should be taken, if any.

High; Indicates a more immediate threat and action should be take as soon as possible.


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