MTS-What is the new D&B® Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) Rating and how do I impact it?

Question: What is the new D&B® SER Score and how do I impact it?

Answer: The Supplier Evaluation Risk (SER) is a rating that predicts the likelihood that a supplier will cease business operations or become inactive over the next 12 month period based on the depth of predictive data attributes available on the business. The SER Rating scoring system uses statistical probabilities to classify public and private companies into a 1-9 risk rating, where 1 represents low risk and 9 represents high risk.

Performance of statistical models naturally change over time, so D&B evaluates it predictive indicators on a periodic basis and updates them accordingly. The enhanced SER rating is part of D&B's ongoing efforts to ensure that the statistical models provide the highest level of predictive performance so customers can make business decisions with confidence.

Answer: You can impact your SER Score by updating your financial statement data and trade experiences.  By doing this you will provide D&B, your customers and suppliers deeper insights about your business when they assess credit lines, insurance premiums and supplier agreements. 

For financial statements you can submit one or more of following:

    • Full Financial Statements (audited or unaudited)
      • Balance Sheets plus Profit & Loss Statements
    • Partial Financial Statements
      • Current Assets, Other Assets
      • Current Liabilities, Long Term Liabilities
      • Net Working Capital, Net Worth

Where to submit:

  • Email:
  • Upload: Via Company Update
  • Fax: 1-866-389-3511 (Attention: D&B Statement Update Department)
  • Mail:

D&B Statement Update Department
P.O. Box 3698
Allentown, PA 18106-9987

For trade references:

To learn more about Trade References and how to submit them click here.

If you have questions regarding the Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating, you can contact one of our Credit Advisors by clicking on the "Submit a Request" tab from the menu bar above and filling out a request form. 





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