How can I find out who is reporting my company as a slow pay?

Question: How can I find out who is reporting my company as a slow pay?

Answer: Due to contractual obligations, Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. cannot release the name of any company that is reporting your company's trade activity, however, you may be able to find out the industry the company which reported your company's trade activity is in.  However, we can help ensure that the information reported is correct by requesting that D&B provides commercial information on businesses and maintains a database of companies and professional contacts using a variety of sources including public records and trade references.  If the vendor cannot verify the information it submitted to your credit profile to D&B, then D&B's policy is to remove that payment experience from your report.  If the vendor can verfiy the submitted information, to D&B, then D&B can ask them for a name release and if granted, then they can reveal the identity of the trade reference.  

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