Why might my trade references be declined?

Question: Why might my trade references be declined?

Answer: You may have received the below email in regards to a trade reference you submitted through your CreditBuilder service. When you receive this email, Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) has denied one of your submitted references for one or more of the following reasons:

1. The company already automatically reports all their business customers.
2. The company is not a US company.
3. The company does not have an established D&B credit file of their own.
4. The company is a bank, credit card, insurance company, or is renting real estate to you.
5. The company has not responded to D&B's requests for payment history. 

While the above are guidelines to denied trade references, some businesses may also be declined due to invalid payment reporting, declined offers to report, or risk status.




If you believe that your reference does not meet the above disqualifications, you may resubmit your reference by clicking the blue "Resubmit" link in the Trade References section of your CreditBuilder.

To learn more about why trade references might be declined or to obtain assistance with resubmitting a trade reference, please contact one of our Credit Advisors by clicking "submit a request" in the menu bar above.

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