What trade references should I use?

Question:  What trade references should I use?

Answer:  A well qualified trade reference is a company you order goods or services from and one that you have good payment terms with.  You will want to make sure that your trade reference also has a good credit file with all contact information updated.  The size of the company does not matter but they must have a good D&B credit file themselves.

The following are good examples of trade references to use:

Accountant / CPA
Advertising (such as Newspaper Jobs / Products)
Business stationery, bags, containers: design / printing
Car Leasing
Cleaning Service
Collection Company
Computer services or repair
Construction / Remodeling Company
Direct Mail Service
Displays / Display Equipment
Equipment / auto leasing
Freight / Trucking / local delivery services
Furniture purchase / rental
Graphic Design: Business Card, Logo, Stationary
Lawyer / Attorney
Marketing company
PO Box rental (NOT US Postal Service)
Parts / Supplies / Materials
Payroll Services
Printers: Business Cards / Stationary
Software Developer
Sub-contractors / services
Tax Return Preparer
Television, Radio, Print, Internet advertising
Temp / Staffing Agency
Trucking companies
Uniform Supplier
Warehouse Rental
Waste management / Refuse / Garbage / Dumpster Rental (not associated with your municipality)
Water delivery / Water Cooler
Website design / host

The following companies do not qualify as trade references:
1. The company already automatically reports all their business customers.
2. The company is not a US company.
3. The company does not have an established D&B credit file of their own.
4. The company is a bank, credit card, insurance company, or is renting real estate to you.


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