MTS - How do I submit trade references?


 1. Navigate to and click the Login/Register link in the top right corner.


2. Login with email address and password

If this is your first time signing in, enter your email address and the temporary password sent to you when your account was created.


3. Once logged in, locate the CreditBuilder product and select 'launch'.



4. Select the 'My Company" tab near the top of the screen.



5. Select the 'Trade References' tab from the navigation menu on the left side of the screen.



6. Search by entering the company's name and state or DUNS number.


7. If multiple locations show up for the same company, try to select the Headquarters location.



8. Enter the first and last name of a contact you have with your reference business. If you do not have a contact you work with specifically, enter "Accounts" as the first name and "Receivable" as the last name. Fill in the phone number and email address of your account manager (if applicable) as well as your company's account number with that reference business, then press the Submit button.




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