MTS - How do I impact my D&B® Rating?

Question: How do I impact my D&B® Rating?

Answer: You can impact your D&B Rating by addressing those areas of your business that most influence the score. Since the D&B Rating is weighted by a company's fiscal balance sheet and profit/loss statement, the below steps can be taken to improve the way each of these factors affect your score:

  1. Submit audited positive financial statements to Dun & Bradstreet. Using exact financial data will allow Dun & Bradstreet to better rate business creditworthiness and financial strength. For more information on submitting financial statements, please visit our Company Update FAQ.

Furthermore, adding additional payment experiences to your D&B credit file with our CreditBuilder service can supplement the above steps by helping to strengthen your PAYDEX score, which is a contributing factor in calculating your D&B Rating. For more information on submitting trade references, please see our Trade References FAQ. If you have questions regarding the D&B Rating, you can contact one of our Credit Advisors by clicking on the "Submit a Request" tab from the menu bar above and filling out a request form.

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