What is the Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating?

Question: What is the D&B Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating?

Answer: The D&B Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating (SER) predicts the likelihood that a business will deliver goods as promised over the next 12 months.  This score is created using business history, payment habits, and industry norms.  Scores range from 1 through 9, with 1 indicating the lowest risk, and 9 indicating a high risk of not delivering goods as promised.

The following table provides the probability of a supplier ceasing operations in the U.S. based on SER Score.

Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating Probability of Failure % of Businesses within this SER Rating
1 0.02% 3%
2 0.05% 6%
3 0.08% 12%
4 0.16% 28%
5 0.28% 14%
6 0.40% 7%
7 0.62% 13%
8 0.97% 14%
9 3.37% 3$

For more information on how to impact your Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating, please visit our FAQ on impacting the Supplier Evaluation Risk Rating.

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