What is the D&B PAYDEX®?

Question: What is the D&B PAYDEX®?

Answer: The D&B PAYDEX is a unique, dollar weighted indicator of a business' payment performance based on the total number of payment experiences in the past 24 months in D&B's file. The D&B PAYDEX ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores indicating better payment performance.

Payment experiences are gathered by D&B from suppliers and vendors this firm does business with. Each experience reflects a different supplier and reflects how bills are met within relation to the terms granted. Up to 875 payment experiences are used to generate the PAYDEX Score and up to 80 representative payment experiences are reported in your credit report.

For more information on how to impact your PAYDEX score, please visit our FAQ on impacting the PAYDEX score.

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