How do I pull a CreditAdvisor report?

Question: How do I pull a CreditAdvisor report?

Answer: To pull a CreditAdvisor report, follow the below steps:


1. Open your browser and navigate to


2. Login with your email and password. You should receive your DandBi login credentials in an email at the time of purchase. If you are already registered, you may use your existing email address and password.


3. Click the blue "Other Companies" tab to be taken to your reports dashboard.



4. Click the "Credit Advisor" tab, then click "+ Add Report" to begn pullig a report.



5. Search for a business. If you know the DUNS number of the business on which you are pulling the report, enter it and press the "Search" button. Otherwise, you may search for the business by company name and state or by phone number.


6. If multiple businesses appear, select the business on which you are pulling the report by clicking the business name and press the "Select" button.



7.You will presented with an option to confirm the business on which your CreditAdvisor report is being pulled. Once confirmed, press "Confirm" to be taken to the report.




If you have questions regarding your CreditAdvisor service, you can contact one of our Customer Service Advisors by clicking on the "Submit a Request" tab from the menu bar above and filling out a request form.

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