I received an email regarding a complaint against my company. What is this?

Question: I received an email regarding a complaint against my company. What is this?

Answer:  We have received notice that an email has been sent to customers that mimics alerts that originate from the DandB alert address, If you receive a notice from regarding a Better Business Bureau complaint filed against your company, do not open the attachment and delete the email immediately. You may have received an email that says your company is the subject of a complaint filed with BBB, or asks that you complete a BBB business questionnaire, or claims that a customer review about your business has been posted. It may reference a case number or it may be vague on the details. These emails are going to companies and individuals.  In each case, they ask you to click on a link that appears to go to a BBB page, or you are asked to download an attached form or file. These are very dangerous emails.  It is important that you do NOT click on any of the links in the emails or download any attachments.

If you did click on a link or open or download any attachments, your computer may have unwittingly downloaded a stealthy malware program which is able to bypass some anti-virus programs undetected.  In the event you clicked on a link, you should consider having your computer scanned by a trusted computer repair professional to see if any malware is present and, if so, can be removed.

We are investigating the source of this email and will have an update as soon more information becomes available. We thank you for your patience and, if you would like further assistance, please contact one of our Credit Advisors by clicking on the “submit a request” tab from the menu bar above and fill out a request form.

Other questions you may have:

Q:  Is this a legitimate email?
A:  No. D&B Credibility and D&B have no relation to this e-mail; our name and logo are being used illegitimately.

Q:  What should I do with the email?
A:  Please delete it. If you opened the email or the attachment that was included, please work with your desktop support team to ensure no malware has been added to your computer.

Q:  Was my company’s information compromised?
A:  No. There is no indication that any of your information with D&B Credibility or D&B has been compromised or that this was a result of any breach of our data security. This incident is external to D&B Credibility and D&B.

Q: How can I identify a legitimate email from D&B Credibility or D&B?
A:  Authentic emails from D&B Credibility and D&B will include one e-mail address in the “To:” section and will never include attachments.

Q: Will I continue to receive emails like this and how can I prevent them?
A:  It is difficult to know if additional illegitimate emails will be received. Frequently the responsible party will conceal his/her identity, making it challenging to identify the sender. If ever you doubt the origin or content of a D&B Credibility email, please contact us to verify the information.



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